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Beautiful interactive game! Well put together!

I love it, cannot wait for the full game


This was a great demo, with a lot of potential. I am really looking forward to seeing the full game!


+ Great story line. Even from the beginning, you could see it. If anything, this is the main reason why I want to see the full version!

+ Developed characters. Each character is well developed and has good dialogue. This is really important, as it is the basis for the entire game. A point and click needs good characters to drive it, and this has them.

+ Smooth graphics. No lag and no glitches, which is always important.

+ Perfect difficulty level. It is not too easy that I breeze through it, and it is not too hard that I find myself wishing I had a hint button.

+ Smooth and easy-to-understand UI. It was easy to get a handle of the controls, and there was a help menu in case I ever forgot any of them that was easy to read and understand.

+ Superb audio. The different soundtracks for each character were great and a nice touch. You don't always see voice acting in video games.

+ Attention to detail. The art was amazing, I loved the cartoon characters. The inclusion of so many different languages, the music and the way the story progresses all hint to an attention to detail. While it is only a demo, you could tell that the designers and programmers wanted to make a quality product.


+ No ability to toggle running. I felt like I spent a lot of time walking through different places. While there was a way to run (double-click), you couldn't run necessarily if you were interacting with an item at the same time. It would be nice to have a setting to increase movement speeds.

+ A hint menu would be nice. I got through the demo just fine, but there was one point where I was on the verge of wanting one. If there is ever something slightly more difficult in the full version, this is a must.

Truly, the cons are not big issues and most likely will be solved in the full version. I am only being nit-picky because it would not have been a full comment to leave that section empty. I thought this was great! Really looking forward to seeing the full game!

Wow..What a comprehensive analysis you got there. Thank you for this. The full game is coming soon and we will take into consideration all the things you are mentioning.


A really well developed demo.

Interesting characters that got me to care about them and a really intriguing story, that I want to learn more about.

Aurora is an adorable protagonist, thanks to both her voice acting and written dialogue.

Everything plays smoothly and I did not experience neither lags nor glitches, which is great for a demo.

The puzzles were interesting, without them being overly demanding.

The whole demo left me with a sense of wanting to experience more of the game, which can only be a good thing.

Congratulations to the whole team. I am looking forward to playing the complete game!

We are very happy that you liked our demo and the universe we are building. We are promising you that we won't dissapoint you in the final game!

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Thank you @Redwarrior366 for your good words. As for the matter with the pipe, we will take this into consideration and minimize these type of puzzles in the final version. Thank you for playing ;-D


Very nice demo. I am eager to play more of this. 

Nice and smooth graphics. Atmopheric music which is  not obtrusive. Good sound effects and especially worth mentioning: Very good voiceover!

The story so far is nice makes one question quite a view things. For example where do the children come from if there are not adults? 

I wonder how this and other stuff will be explained. Hopefully the wait for episode 1 is not too long.

Well and thank you for making a Linux version, too. One more Point & Click adventure I can play :-) (Deponia, Silence, Thimbleeweed Park alle have linux versions, too. But there are still a lot which have not). 

Thank you so much for your positive feedback @RockyBoulder. Where do the children come from? Why there are no adults? These two are very good questions indeed ;-)


Nice demo, that made me want to discover more about this universe!

Though 2 things bothered me :

1. Narrative interludes (see below) are quite big to read at once. Displaying them letter by letter would make the readability waaay easier and pleasant.

2. It is not clear that we can interact with the recording device once picked up. I saw the icon under the inventory in the top left corner, but did not realized that I could click on it (I may be stupid but that's what the players are :) ).

Thank you for playing our demo and also for your suggestions to improve it.


Perfect game. From graphics to music there are amazing. Well done for the good work you made.

Thank your for playing our demo and for your kind words!

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WELL! That was a blast from the past

Amazing! Simply amazing! I am really hard to get excited about a game and the demo of Aurora:The Lost Medallion Episode I really hit me. Old school adventure gaming but with an open world feel that doesn't feel like it was made in the 90's like other games that are hitting the #retromania on Steam as of late.

One thing that kept me is the game's vibe were the cross-scenes which gave bits on the underlying story. Very intriguing story by the way.

Loved the way the puzzles manifested in a balanced manner; not to hard yet not too easy to make the game dull. A good fit both for adults and a younger audience.

The voicing is industry standard as well which is a rare sight for demos - especially those from Greek software houses that I've seen in the past. The music is immersive - you are wandering a cave and it sounds like you are in one.

One suggestion for improvement for the main game would be to make Aurora run when double click is used!

Overall, great stuff and really looking forward to the main game!

Wow, what we can say now about your comment. We can surely say that you have completely understood what we had in our minds, before designing this game. We are so happy that you got this and that you liked the demo so much. We promise you that the full episode I will be 10 times better. Thank you again for playing our demo.


I like the cover of the "dark" story behind children and cartoonistic graphics. This concept and the first riddle make me believe that this game is going to be both challenging to solve and fun to explore the storyline. Also, totally appropriate for children but still interesting for grown-ups. Overall, an admirable effort.

We are very happy that you liked our game. Thank you so much for your kind words.


Took a little to get the solutions rolling but after that it was smooth vulturing. Sweet visuals and it's so cool you have voiced characters. When is Episode 1 coming out?


Thank you for your time playing our game and also for the great walkthrough. We expect to release the full episode I arround this summer!


Uuu, looking forward to summer then. :)